Want A Bigger Loft? Inhouse Concepts Offers Loft Conversion Services to You

Most people do not realise the amount of space and potential that is being wasted right above their heads. you need Loft Conversion Services.

At Inhouse Concepts, we provide professional loft conversion services that will transform wasted attic space into a liveable room.

When others see the space between the ceiling as a dark, stuffy and potentially spider-friendly eye-sore, we see potential.

We have provided clients around the Western Cape with an affordable solution which not only provides them with more space, but will also enhance the value of their property.


Make your Loft Easily Accessible with Loft Stairs Installation

If you have a loft space and are looking to make it more accessible, then Inhouse Concepts can provide you with quality loft stairs installation.

As specialists in loft conversions, we can enhance your attic space to create a new room that can be used for entertainment, as well as a bedroom or for storage.

Added to this, we have seen increased demand for modern and flexible staircases that will add convenience without taking up too much space.


We Offer Retractable Folding Ladders Installations

Whether you are looking to free up room, or just require a more convenient way to access your loft or attic space, then retractable folding ladders installations available through Inhouse Concepts are perfect for you.

We are experts in creating steel and wooden staircases as well as folding loft ladders, ensuring that you get the highest quality at the best possible price.

We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure that they get a modern, stylish and personalised staircase that will perfectly suit their home and needs.


The Ceiling Installations Specialists in Cape Town

When it comes to ceiling installations in Cape Town, look no further than the specialists – Inhouse Concepts.

Unlike some places, Inhouse Concepts is driven on quality products, installation and complete customer satisfaction.

We don’t look at ceilings as a ‘one style fits all’ job; we offer our clients a wide range of uniquely designed ceiling options that will enhance their home.


In Need Of Retractable Ladder Installations?

Look No Further Than Inhouse Concepts…

At Inhouse Concepts you can get retractable ladder installations at affordable prices. Our focus has always been on providing clients with the highest quality at the best possible prices.

We have completed loft conversions around the Western Cape that have totally transformed homes by providing a new, liveable and modern space for clients to make use of.


Free Up Space with Loft Conversions

Over the years, your home may seem to shrink as you accumulate more goods without the space changing. However, at Inhouse Concepts we can help your house evolve with your life with our Loft Conversions.

Running out of space can be a frustrating situation, as you either take on hefty storage costs to keep goods that you don’t use regularly, or end up getting rid of things that you would prefer to keep.


Do you need Loft Alterations? Inhouse Concepts are the best

Are you running out of space in your home, or want to create a new area to use? Loft alterations is the answer, and at Inhouse Concepts, you can get the best results at the best prices.

We are timber specialists and can provide loft alterations, roof insulation and more. Our staff are all well-trained and skilled allowing them to quickly and efficiently maximise spaces and create comfortable new areas within your home.


Convert Your Loft to a Bigger Space with Our Loft Conversions in Cape Town

At Inhouse Concepts, we can turn your cramped and stuffy attic into a spacious, modern loft that can be used for various purposes with our Loft Conversions in Cape Town.

We offer loft conversions in Cape Town that will totally transform your attic space from a dark and dingy space into a liveable room.

We make use of the highest quality SABS approved material, as well as work within strict building regulations to ensure that your room is safe, comfortable and fully equipped.


Convert Your Attic into an Extra Room with Our Attic Conversions

At Inhouse Concepts, we prove that there is no reason to be afraid of what is in the attic, as we turn this dark and dingy dungeon into a personal paradise with our Attic Conversions.

Our attic conversions will ensure that this wasted space is no longer an area that is ventured into every few years.

Most people are simply unaware of how much space they are wasting just above their heads, as you essentially are able to increase the size of your home by a full room.


We Specialize in Loft Conversions and Alterations

At Inhouse Concepts, we specialise in loft conversions and alterations, and have earned a reputation as one of the best in the business.

This is due to the fact that we focus on providing loft conversions that meet your specific needs, and back this up with high quality workmanship.

When it comes to loft conversions and alterations, we handle the process from initial design and drawing to completion of the build.

Due to our innovative process, we can maximise the available space to create comfortable environments, whether you want to use the new area as a bedroom, entertainment venue or just a storage space.


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